Introduction to the Global Classrooms' Lebanese American University Model United Nations
Introduction to Champville's Model United Nations
How do I become part of it?



Introduction to the Global Classrooms' Lebanese American University Model United Nations:

Model United Nations is an international program present in almost every country around the world. The Lebanese American University officially holds it in Lebanon and the Middle East. Model U. N. is a program built on training High School students, and Middle School students, over the course of seven training sessions.

The program increases the cognition of students about the developmental issues that impact humanity, such as the global problems of poverty and hunger, the proliferation of illiteracy worldwide, gender discrimination, child mortality, maternal mortality, the HIV/AIDS, malaria and other major diseases and the loss of environmental resources. The objective from this global awareness-building exercise is to sensitise the students on the need to build a global partnership for development. Hence, they become better world citizens.

Moreover, the Lebanese American University Model U. N. teaches students, from all over Lebanon, life skills related to peaceful resolution of conflicts, creative communications and leadership skills, role-playing and diplomatic tackling of controversial issues. The objective is to teach the future citizens of a war-torn society how to reduce communal prejudices and build confidence-building measures, crucial for the sustainability of civic peace.

The Lebanese American University prioritizes the intellectual awareness of the youth and their development. It is thus constantly injecting new developmental techniques and benefits to the program in order to meet the expectations of the new and returning participating schools.
Over the years, LAU MUN has established a legacy of professionalism and a reputation for innovation. With consistently hard-working students and the vibrant campuses of LAU as its backdrop,LAU MUN has grown into one of the most competitive, and enjoyable MUN Conferences in Lebanon and the region.

Introduction to Champville's Model United Nations:

The Model United Nations in Champville is a five-year series of three programs: Middle School MUN for 7th and 8th graders, MUN Outreach Club for 9th and 10th graders, and High School MUN for 11th graders. It is unique to the Collège Mariste Champville in its management and system.

All three programs are registered with the LAU MUN and/or LAU Outreach, and they work as a continuity - it is easier to go through from MSMUN to MUNOCC to HSMUN than to just get in at any given stage.

The Middle School MUN program allows Middle Schoolers to debate in the LAU MS MUN conference. The Club has the first two promotions of High Schoolers learn all that is needed for debate, as well as a healthy dose of culture and MUN preparation. The High School MUN program allows High Schoolers to debate in the LAU HS MUN conference.


How do I become part of it?

It's easy to apply, even if you've never taken part of any of the three Champville MUN Programs before. All you need, in order to apply, is to be a current Champville student between the 7th and 11th grades.

Fill in the application (Use the link that reads "Candidature" in the navigation bar to the left) and wait to be contacted by one of the Champville MUN advisors or trainers (they will check if you are eligible, particularly that you are not blacklisted to the Champville MUN programs). If you are accepted to the HS MUN, once you are contacted, you will be invited to take part in a weekend-long (3 days) Training Camp, during which you will be taught all about the MUN and then filtered for selection to take part of the LAU program. The results will be published both in your cycle in Champville and on this website.

Then the true experience will begin!

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