World-class diplomacy

Because the future belongs to those amongst us who patch things up

Model United Nations is an international program present in almost every country around the world, a program built on training students from Middle to High School how to listen, speak, walk, act and interact with one another diplomatically.

The objective from this global awareness-building exercise is to sensitise the students on the need to build a global partnership for development, making them better world citizens.


Champville Model United Nations

Dream-making starts on pen and paper

The Model United Nations in Champville is a five-year threefold program: MSMUN for 7th-8th graders, MUNC for 8th-9th-10th graders, and HSMUN for 11th graders. It is unique to the Coll├Ęge Mariste Champville in its management and system.

The three sections work as a continuity - it is easier to go through from MSMUN to MUNOCC to HSMUN than to just get in at any given stage.


Becoming a part of it all

Try, try, try

It's easy to apply, even if you've never taken part of any of the Champville MUN Program. All you need, in order to apply, is to be a current Champville student between the 7th and 11th grades.

Fill in the application and show up. MSMUN and HSMUN are selective from the start, MUNC selective as the year goes along.


New and improved with the latest technologies

Everything possible happens online. No favouritism.


Lessons and quizzes, online


Creation in realtime, online


Fired up debating, online